Alvin Garza

Organizing A Successful Charity Run

Engaging in charitable activities can be quite costly. In order to cover necessary expenses, charities often hold fundraisers to try and generate financial capital. There are many different types of activities that could be utilized to raise money, but charity runs provide participants with the opportunity to engage in rigorous physical activity while supporting their favorite organization. Here are three tips that you can use to help organize a successful charity run for your organization in the future.

3 Questions To Ask When Donating A Car So The Process Goes Smoothly

Donating a car is both good for the cause you give your car to and good for your wallet, as you're able to write the value of the vehicle off on your taxes. Donating a car is also very easy -- as long as you ask a few questions first. If you're thinking about donating a car you own, ask the organization you're giving the car to these questions so that the process will go smoothly.